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Ready to pedal in Montérégie

Montérégie is divided into four geographic sectors: Suroît, South-Shore, Richelieu River and Montérégie-East. Here, you will find welcoming accommodations, quality restaurants and tons of tourist attractions characteristic of our region. This site provides information on bicycle touring, the region’s cycling clubs, as well as sports and cultural events.


Montérégie features nearly 1,000 km of bikeways, including 600 km of bike paths, 300 km of bike lanes and 100 km of shared roadways.

Roadway circuits

The region’s roadway circuits vary in length from 60 to 150 km, a perfect way for cyclists to explore the region while winding through magnificent landscapes. The Montérégie offers 2 to 4 days cycling trips as well as 1 day cycling trails.